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Sling: Intermediate

Students will learn skills, conditioning and sequences on the aerial sling (such as unique entries into and out of crossback straddle, stacking double drops, adding spins and beats to combinations, etc.). Often times adding to the sequence each week, this class is the perfect way to learn how to string all of the combinations together as well as learn new skills and iron out old ones. This class is built to encourage creativity and exploration of movement on and off the ground. Come ready to explore the fabric and move through different shapes while dancing in the air!

We like to keep our class size small to increase one on one time with the instructors and encourage safe practices so be sure to sign up in advance as we do not accept walk ins!

*If only one student is registered, this class may be canceled or shortened to a 30 minute private lesson. If the class is canceled, you will be notified via email. If a student is more than 15 minutes late to class, they may sit and observe class but will not be allow to participate.

Instructor approval and/or a skill test is required to participate in this class! Please contact Brittany at brittany@elevated-aerials.com to set up a skill test time.