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Authentic Aerial Movement: 2 day lyra workshop

$150 Purchase required to enroll
In this two-day lyra intensive, you'll discover and refine ways to move that are a custom fit for your body
and your style. We'll focus on a variety of on- and off-hoop creative pathways as well as hoop
manipulation: how to push, pull, swing, dance, and connect with the hoop as an extension of yourself
rather than just as a prop. You'll give your full attention to how your body feels in motion with the
apparatus, how to maximize the look and feel of every skill you perform, and how to make adjustments for
your own needs and anatomy. You'll come away with ownership and autonomy of your personal
movement style and techniques for continuing to develop it as you train. Note-taking is encouraged; bring
a notebook, iPad, or your phone.

Prerequisites: Although tailored to lyra, all bar apparatus artists are welcome. Clean, unassisted
inversions, comfort with spinning, and an understanding of fundamental poses on the bar (mermaid, hip
hang, dragonfly, straddle back, etc.) are required.

Cancellation policy Due to this being a guest instructor who is traveling from out of town for this workshop, we can NOT offer refunds for this course.