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Be sure to sign up in advance as class space is limited and we do not accept walk-ins! There are no make up days for workshops with no refunds, so be sure you are available during the times posted. Ages 12 and up welcome.

Handstands for Everybody w/ Aaron Koz $65Purchase required to enroll

Students will learn a series of mobility and active flexibility exercises for their shoulders and thoracic spine as well as hips, followed by a series of wrist, shoulders, and core/pelvic floor strengthening drills, and finish with progressive spotted and unspotted handstand drills to build comfort on and off the wall.
Prerequisities: Comfort weight-bearing on wrists/shoulders, 15 second straight arm plank.

Straps are Fun! w/ Aaron Koz $65Purchase required to enroll

Learn fundamental techniques for safe and effective training of aerial straps that will improve your power and control across all apparatuses! No straps experience required.
Prerequisites: Two arm inversions of any kind (straddle-up, tuck-up, pike-up) 1-arm hangs with engaged shoulder for 10-20 seconds (or 2-arm for 30), and 20-30 second wall handstand or 45-second plank.

See Your C-Shape w/ Aaron Koz $65Purchase required to enroll

Want to improve your waist roll ups/downs OR your back balance OR your static switches on straps? Students will move through a series of mobility exercises, proprioceptive and active flexibility drills that isolate and strengthen potential weak points in your waist roll technique depending on where their weaknesses lie.
Prerequisites: Inverting in the air in helpful and some experience on sling, straps, rope or fabric required.

Master your Meathooks w/ Aaron Koz $65Purchase required to enroll

This workshop will cover PT exercises and prehab, drills, progressions, and conditioning to unlock both meathooks and reverse meathooks on 2 and then 1-arm. Aerialists of any apparatus will benefit from finding their ideal alignment, while understanding the nuances of how that alignment may change during movement.

Prerequisites: Ability to hold inverted pencil/neutral/arrow and straddle. Ability to do pull-up(s) and inversions from the air encouraged.